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what to expect

The First Session

The first session is complementary and lasts about 45 minutes. In this session you will speak about the issues you wish to address, discuss any prior psychotherapy or analysis you may have had, ask questions about the treatment, and begin to assess if you feel comfortable working with me. We will also discuss my fee and schedule future consultations. 


We meet online, on the phone, or, if your location and the pandemic permits, in a peaceful and private setting in Berkeley, California. Initially our sessions will be "face to face." If you wish to begin psychoanalysis, we will meet at least twice a week and begin work "on the couch" whenever you wish. 

The articulations of your speech are taken as the core material of the clinic. You speak freely with as little censorship as possible, and you will be listened to with respect and without judgment. Paying close attention to your dreams, fantasies, recollections, slips of the tongue, and other manifestations of your unconscious, we'll explore the singularity of your experience and attend to what it is you want. I will ask questions, make comments, help you notice what you are saying, suggest connections between different aspects of your unique story, and work alongside you as your ally and witness.

Length of Sessions

Although I practice sessions that vary in length, as a general rule you can expect your session to last from thirty to forty minutes, unless you need more time and there is no appointment after yours. Varying the length of each session prevents the routinization that can develop when the fifty-minute hour, or "clock-time," is blindly obeyed. A variable frame allows for spontaneity in the pace and progress of the treatment, lets the analyst punctuate specific utterances, and moves the analysis forward in a focused manner.

Working Together

Every person is unique, and so is their treatment. Together we will discover the form of treatment that is best for you. We focus on creativity as the source of your truths, desires, and solutions. We can work in short or long term modes, depending on your needs and interests. Whichever you choose, I am here to accompany you every step of the way.

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