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Lacanian Psychoanalysis and Analytic Therapy 

I work with a wide range of adults who are experiencing difficulties with various aspects of their lives, including emotional struggles (extreme moods, sadness and grief, anxiety, depression); difficulty letting go of negative past experiences or patterns; and difficulties identifying or realizing desires for the future. I also specialize in working with diverse sexualities (kink, LGBTQ), as well as with the spiritual dimensions of our lives. If one of your goals is to deepen your understanding of Lacanian theory and practice, we can make that dimension part of your analysis. 


The process of psychoanalysis focuses on the unconscious and its articulations in language, dreams, slips of the tongue, fantasies, and repetition. Through listening and responding to your speech, we will discover patterns of which you may be unaware and the deep-seated conflicts that cause them. This process allows you to open up new possibilities, explore your goals and relationships, and re-envision life choices even when you may seem trapped. It supports your quest to find meaning and happiness in your life. 

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Dr. Barbara Claire Freeman

I am a Candidate Analyst and Faculty at the Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis, (California Medical License RPS288). I accept payment by personal check, and don’t take insurance. My fee, which is tax deductible, is $50.00 for a weekly session, and $40.00 per session if we meet bi-weekly. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me due to financial reasons. I’m committed to providing accessible treatment. 

Trained in Lacanian psychoanalysis and, until recently, as an Associate Professor of Rhetoric at U.C. Berkeley, I offer a unique form of listening that allows close attention to your speech. Before that, as an Associate Professor of English at Harvard, I specialized in teaching contemporary literature and continental philosophy, psychoanalytic theory, and gender studies.


I've written a scholarly book that has become a classic in its field and two full-length, prize-winning collections of poetry. My background as a scholar and poet informs my clinical practice and allows me to hear you from multiple perspectives.

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